Women are not free roaming wild

Women are not wild animals.  With this slogan Women Against Islamization promoties a poster campaign against sexual harassment.  Posters can be hung throughout European cities with messages such as ‘short skirts ≠ provoked’ and ‘cleavage ≠ prostitute’.

With the posters we want to point out to young women that not they, but the men in question are crossing the line.  

Sexual harassment is never provoked by the dress or behavior of women.  

Certain population groups have no respect for the Western style of clothing.  

The influx of mainly men from Africa and the Middle East poses a danger to Western girls and women.  The increasing sexual harassment through mass immigration, which affects women, must stop.

Women Against Isalamization wants to raise the issue with the campaign that the legislation in Europe on sexual harassment needs to be amended.  

We want a tit-for-tat policy on sexual crime, as well as statistical data on any link between ethnic origin, religion and/or nationality.  An ethnic offender profile is not discrimination, but a tool to combat crime against women and their rights and freedoms!


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