On May 5, 2018, an international panel discussion took place of ‘Women Against Islamization’ following the book presentation of president Anke Van dermeersch.

The conversation led by publicist Sam Van Rooy gave a good look at how far the Islamization of Europe describes the many abuses. The panel also indicated which solutions they saw and which has already been advanced. Each of the participating ladies brought a message from their home country and gave suggestions for a better approach to the disadvantages of mass immigration in Europe. Based on this panel discussion, the insights and expectations contribute to a better cooperation that will be continued in the future.

Participants panel:

Sanna Hill – journalist from Sweden
Iryna Goncharova – journalist from Russia
Neda Aria – activist from Iran
Lisette Muntslag – activist from Suriname
Raffie Chohan – activist from the Netherlands-Indonesia
Anne Marie Waters – president For Britain

Laia Escarrà – activiste uit Catalonië


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