Anke Van dermeersch was born and raised in Antwerp. She became Miss Belgium in 1991 and then studied law at the Antwerp University, where she also became a Master in Tax Law. During her lawyer career she was elected senator for the Vlaams Blok in 2003. Since 2006, she is also Antwerp City Councilor and in 2014 she became a member of the Flemish Parliament for Vlaams Belang. In 2012, Anke Van dermeersch wrote her first political book about women’s rights and Islam under the title ‘Whore or slave’. As president of the European organization she has already conducted several high-profile campaigns against the violation of women’s rights through the import of Islam through mass immigration.

With the book ‘A.N.K.E. #PolitiekIncorrect ‘she responds to the social tendency in which social media provide insight into the lives of well-known Flemings and politicians. Through this book you will find out who she is and what drives her. A photo annex illustrates her life as a model, Miss, mother, lawyer and politician. Images sometimes say more than words …

#PoliticsIncorrect is the red thread through Anke’s life. From the legal profession to politics, from #MeToo to Islam, she never leaves a magazine. Her views are often at odds with what the Wetstraat and the mainstream media want to impose on the population. This book is also an indictment of the Islamization of our society and the fact that women’s rights come under pressure as a result. The welfare of a people is measured by the welfare of women and children.


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