Manifesto Women against islamization

Islam is entirely at odds with liberty and common rights

The Sharia, i.e. the Islamic law, teems with barbarous prescriptions that conflict with the generally accepted principles on which our European civilization is founded, e.g. the observance of personal liberties, the equality of woman and man, or the protection of physical integrity. The Sharia denies each individual his or her personal free choice, imposes the inequality of the sexes, exhibits absolute intolerance against the heterodox and promotes inhuman punishment.

More than 50 Muslim countries have signed the “Cairo Declaration on Human Rights in Islam”. Article 24 of this Muslim edition of a human rights declaration reads: “All the rights and freedoms stipulated in this Declaration are subject to the Islamic Shari’ah.” Article 25 reads: “The Islamic Shari’ah is the only source of reference for the explanation or clarification of any of the articles of this Declaration.”

The Islamic take-over of Europe

In the West faith has become a private matter, and the church an institution as any other. Such is far from the case in Muslim countries. Even today, the Sharia constitutes a considerable source of legislation in about 50 Islamic countries. Also in Europe many Muslims let themselves be led by coercive Sharia imperatives. Therefore, a lot of Muslims that have settled on our continent, refuse to assimilate into our societies, but, on the contrary, desire our Western societies to adapt to the regulations and prohibitions of Islam. This situation demonstrates, Islam only seeks to conquer and dominate.

If the current demographic evolution persists, Islam will become the paramount religious and social force in large parts of Europe still this century. That implies, Islamic regulations will prevail in our society. In some boroughs of major European cities this is already the case. Over there, existent laws are being adjusted to the demands of the ever increasing Muslim minorities. If Europe does not strike back, the dire menace of Islamic colonization will sooner are later become true.

Women are the foremost victims of islamization

The first and foremost victims of islamization are women. Females in the Muslim world, but also in the Islamic communities of Europe, are systematically discriminated against, oppressed and molested.

According to Islam, women are subordinate to men, as they owe their fathers and husbands unquestioning obedience. In Islamic tradition, the men invariably take all important decisions in the stead of their wives and daughters. Islam dictates, a man may chasten his wife, if necessary, in order to keep her in line.

With respect to the treatment of women, Islam is synonymous to humiliation and discrimination. Muslim women can only inherit half as much as a man. According to Islamic jurisdiction, the testimony of a woman is half as trustworthy as that of a man’s. Furthermore, Islam coerces females into wearing head scarves, veils and even burqas, for women are deemed responsible for men’s sexual restraint. Islam also considerably curbs women’s liberty of action. Without permission of her husband a Muslim woman may not leave her dwelling.

Along with Islam, savage practices such as honour killings, forced marriage, polygamy and circumcision are making inroads into our society.

Our core starting points

  • Women against islamization” stands for the defense of female dignity and liberty. The advancing islamization of our Western society poses a significant threat to these values.
  • Women against islamization” defies the institutionalization of Islam, the authentication of mosques, the subsidization of Muslim associations, Quran schools and mosques, the payment of imams etc. The institutionalization of Islam will give rise to a parallel Muslim society that propagates discrimination against women.
  • “Women against islamization” opposes the indulgence of Western policymakers towards Islam, which has seriously endangered the equality of man and woman, while enhancing misogynic Islamic rules, customs and traditions.
  • Women against islamization” believes, personal and free confession of a religion must be guaranteed at all costs, also with regard to Muslims. However, religious freedom may never be a licence for discrimination or violence against women. Accordingly, “Women against islamization” vehemently protests against the introduction of Sharia as an alternative to our European legal norms.

Anke Van dermeersch
President ‘Women Against Islamisation’


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