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This provocative poster gives the impression that women in our western countries have to cover themselves from head to toe during the summer months and wear a burkini or at least body-covering clothing with a headscarf. Such publicity campaigns normalize the wearing of burkinis and make it increasingly difficult for women to dress in a summery and frivolous way. As if Islamic and misogynistic clothing has become the new normal. In many populated neighborhoods in our city, this traditional costume has unfortunately become the rule instead of the exception. Apparently, via, the entire city has to undergo this intolerable ritual.

Flemish Member of Parliament and Antwerp City Council member Anke Van dermeersch led the action and also launched a video on the internet.

“It can’t be that women’s bodies have to be completely covered in summer temperatures. This advertising campaign gives the impression that Flemish women have to cover themselves because we are responsible for the sexual morality of Muslim men. As a result, I call on you to stop purchasing from,” says Van dermeersch.

Vlaams Belang covered all misogynistic posters with its own posters stating: “Islam can harm your freedom” (see appendix). As long as uses such Islamizing campaigns, we call on everyone who is concerned with women’s rights to stop ordering from


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